Mengshen Wireless Vibration Alarm,Z07 Manual

Z07 wireless security alarm----vibration sensor Electronic


1. Power supply of the host: 2*AAA battery

2. Power supply of the controller:1* 12V/27A battery

3. Standby time of the host: >1 year(5 times switch on/off per day)

4. Standby time of the controller:>1 year(5 times of control per day)

5. Operating Temperature: -10℃~60℃

6. Operating Humidity:<80%

7. Storage temperature:-20℃~70℃

Function Introduction


1. Battery installation of controller: Use cross screw driver to take off the controller’s cover and then put in one 12V/27A alkaline battery. Please replace a new battery when LED light becomes dark or it will shorten the control distance. Notice the right direction of battery.

2. Battery installation of host alarm:slide out the cover and put in two AAA alkaline batteries.It will have a short sound just like ”Bi…”which means success installation.

3. Alarm Host installation:Choose a place firstly where you want to detect vibration and clean it before installation.Use double-side tape to stick the alarm on the clean place.Note This is indoors usage alarm. It must avoid high pollution or high humidity area.(Under protection,it also can be installed on bicycle or electric motor)

Operating manual Arm and Disarm

1. In standby mode,push [close] button,it will ring short “BiBiBi” which means arm mode is opened.In arm mode,LED will flash every 3 seconds

2. In arm mode,push [open] button,it will ring long”Bi…..”to hint disarm.In disarm mode,the alarm only has function of low power reminder.

Trigger Alarm

1. In arm mode, if the alarm detects vibration, it will prompt alarm for 2 seconds. If vibration is detected again in 2~12seconds, alarm siren will continuing ring 30 seconds.

2. During the siren is alarming, directly push Disarm button to stop and drop out arm mode.

Adjust Sensitivity

1. There is 10 levels sensitivity for different situation to adjust. Factory defaults the highest level 1. Operation of adjusting sensitivity in follows:

2. Keep on pushing the Disarm button ( please ignore the disarm hint) and during this time the controller LED will off and will on again in 3 seconds, at the same time,release Disarm button and then push the learn button[volume] to adjust sensitivity level.

3. When sensitivity level reach the highest level (level 1) the alarm will ring long ”Bi…”. Then push Learn button to be level 2 and it will ring short ”Bi”. And then is level 3,level 4,….level 10 and it will back to level 1.(Note: please find out level 1 and then continue to adjust.More times means higher level and lower sensitivity.)

Emergency Function

When you face accident at home or other emergency situation,please directly push [lightning] button and the alarm will ring for 30 seconds. The emergency function is effective in any mode.

Door Bell Function

1. Push [volume] button without arm mode, the alarm will ring ”Ding Dong” to hint that door bell mode is opened. Under this mode, if alarm detect vibration from opening door, it will ring “Ding Dong” to hint you.

2. In doorbell mode, push Arm button [close] or Disarm button [open] to drop out doorbell mode.

Add Controllers

If you want to add controller to use, you can do that like follows:

1. Take out the alarm battery.

2. After 2 minutes, put battery in alarm host and quickly hold on the controller’s Learn button for 10 seconds and it will ring ”Bi” which means the alarm host has opened learning mode and now release the Learn button and push Arm or Disarm button, the alarm host will ring “Bi,Bi” to hint success learning.

3. To use new controller.

4. One alarm host can learn 8 controllers for the most. Or thefirst controller code will be eliminated.

Low Power Indicate

1. When LED of the alarm host flash every second,please replace a new battery on the alarm host.

2. When LED of controller is dark or the control distance is shorter,please replace controller’s battery.


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