Mengshen Bicycle Motorcycle Anti-theft Alarm-Z08 Manual


•Activate and deactivate

•Adjusting sensitivity

•Select bell sound

•One-key find vehicle

•SOS function

•low Battery indication

Remote Control





Activatekey:Press it once,host alarm will go into"activated mode".Alarm will be triggered and start to ring if vibration or movement is detected.

Deactivate key:

Under"activated mode",press this key,alarm will drop out"activated mode"and return to"standby mode".

When alarm is triggered and ringing,press this key once,the alarm sound will stop right now.

Ringt one key:

Under any mode or condition,Press this key,alarm will ring right now.Inaddition,there are 6 kinds of ringtone are available.

Program key:This key is useful when you need to add more remote control.

Easy Installation

Installation accessories:


There are also installation holes and interface on the back of the alarm,so it is very easy to install the alarm on your bicycle or motorcycle.

Sensitivity adjustment

1)Long press the the second key about 6 seconds until indicatoral wayson,next press the the first key once,Sound prompts current sensitivity level.

2)Press the first key once again,the sensitivity drops to the next again,and the sensitivity then drops until it returns to the first level sensitivity.

3)Then If you press the second key once,the current sensitivity you choose will be saved.

Please Attention:

Default sensitivity is the largest,there are 7 level sensitivity to tally.

Each level of sensitivity has aprompt tone,tone from high to low:do,r,mi,fa,suo,la,xi

SOS functions

Press the third key once,alarm will ring right now.What is the use this function?

1)Find you bicycle/car very quickly among a lot of bicycle/car

2)When someone is in danger or need help,the115db loud voice can draw others'attention.

Add more remote control

1)For additional remote control,you can search"MengshenAR01"to order it,

2)The additional remote contro lneed to pair with the host alarm before using

3)Original remote control can control alarm directly,don't need to pair it with alarm.

Original remote control:remote control that packed with the alarm in one box.

Additional remote control:remote control you buy seperately.

How to pair additional remote control with alarm?

1)Press the second key of the original remote controlonce,next long press the fourth key and don't release.Bicycle alarm will go off along sound twice.5s later,there will be a short sound.

2)At this time,release the fourth key,then press the second key of additional remote control once,alarm will ring"BiBi"which means the pairing is successful.

How to choose ringt one you want?

Press the second key once,then press the third key to change and select the ring tone,there are 6 ringtone.The alarm will remember the current ringtone.

When you press the last key,alarm will set off the ringtone you select.

Battery low indicate

When bicycle alarm is in low battery condition,there will be weak sound"Du..Du" when you press remote control When remote control is in low battery condition,the indicator light will be weak.

Wide Application

With strong durable PC housing,it is waterproof and dust-proof,very suitable for outdoor use.It is widely used on bicycle/e-bike/motorcycles/scooter,door and window.

Power Supply:

Host battery:3*AAA alkaline batteries(Included)

Remote control battery:12V/27 Aalkaline battery(Included)

Frequent asked questions?

1)What does the blue tool in the package used for?

when you replace batteries for the alarm,you need to use a screwdriver to take apart the only screw,then you can use the blue too lto open the larm cover easily.

2)It is waterproof?

Yes,there is no problem for daily outdoor use,but please do not put it in water.

3)Does it work for car?

Yes,not only for bicycle and motorcycle,but also for car,mobility scooter,door and window.

4)How long the batteries can ast?

Depend on the use frequency.Usually about 3-6 months

5)It stop working after several week

The batteries may runout,please replace batteries and have a try.If it stilld oesn'twork,just tell me,I will send you item return instruction or other solutions.

6)Alarm doesn't work afterI change batteries,what should I do?

Please try to pair remote control with alarm again.

How to pair?

a)Use screwdriver and blue tool to open the alarm,

b)Unload batteries,then load batteries 10s later,next long press the last key on remote control,you will hear sound"Bi",finally,press the second key on remote once,you will hear sound "BiBi",which means the pair is successful.

A message to you

Thanks for your reading and hope this brief manual can be useful for you!

Still have problems about this alarm?Please do not hesitate to contact us right now.


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    Batteries run out. Installed new ones. Now the alarm is too quiet. What can I do?

  • Enrique on

    Es imposible subir la sensibilidad,así de fábrica no sirve para nada suena si lo coges I te lo llevas no lo entiendo,las instrucciones no funcionan

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    I purchased one of these alarms for my motorcycle last year and have been very happy with it. Over the winter the batteries have died and I had to fit new ones. since fitting the new batteries the alarm is hardly audible.
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  • Dan on

    Can I adjust the volume?

  • Dan on

    Can I adjust the volume?

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